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Gold Biz Podcast

Jan 31, 2023

Hello, sunshines! This topic is one we have never discussed on the podcast! Today I have John Mansfield to talk about how to market when you are no longer YOUR ideal. What does that look like? Can you still market to them? What does your marketing plan and strategy look like? We cover all of that and more in today’s episode!

You can find John on Instagram and at this podcast ‘Wisdom In The Tangents’!

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☀️Time stamps☀️

Intro - 0:00

Do you have to be your own ideal client? - 1:34

Evaluations - 2:40

How does the market change - 6:01

Aligned clients - 7:39

Strategy to figure out your ideal client - 10:24

Speaking to your client - 12:36

Marketing when you’re pivoting - 15:19

Final advice - 18:23

Where to find John - 20:34

Wrap up - 21:15